About ByFist

ByFist, based in San Antonio, Texas (USA), is an International name in the world of Metal. ByFist hit the scene back in the classic era of Metal (1987) by releasing an EP titled “Hour Glass of Time.”

The band shunned the ongoing Glam Metal scene by delivering a raw, no fluff, and no frills album in the vein of early Judas Priest.

Over the years the band would release a couple more EPs including “You Should have Known” (1988) and “Adrenalin” (1989). “Adrenalin” was produced by David Wayne (Metal Church, Reverend) and recorded at Silver Cloud Studios in California, which is owned by Joe Floyd (Warrior).

After hearing these albums critics compared ByFist to the likes of Armored Saint, early Metallica, Anthrax, and Metal Church. It’s rumored that “You Should Have Known” alone moved over 150,000 units worldwide!

Byfist has had the opportunity to tour with bands such as MSG, Fates Warning, Manowar, Frank Marino, Savatage, and Trouble.

Regrettably, ByFist broke up in 1991 due to “poor management” and “bad decisions.” Basically the band signed a bad contract which blew their chances of getting signed with any labels at the time, most notably MCA Records. This, combined with the ongoing grunge movement, nailed the coffin shut for ByFist. They would rather break up as opposed to selling out and joining the current music trend.

In 2000, ByFist resurfaces to the Metal scene with a vengeance. ByFist is asked to record a new reunion album. With the return of bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon they decide that it’s time to dust the cobwebs off and give it another go.

While the new reunion album never happened, they did end up re-releasing the “Adrenalin” EP via their own Saba Records record label.

ByFist embraced the Internet and started sending out vast amounts of their EPs to re-introduce them to the Metal world. It worked! Many fans have rekindled their love for ByFist, and many new fans discovered them. Reviews of praise were written up left and right. Metal is alive!

You can find Davey, Nacho, Angel, & Michael supplying the guitar, drums, bass, and writing duties for , REVEREND, when they aren’t involved with ByFist material!